Hype Discography

Real Name: Walter Elijah Hall
Profile: Talented Multi-Instrumentalist & Diverse Producer. Has had gigs and rendered services performing live on drums, keyboards & Trumpet for several mini-tours at well-known venues.
Aliases: Young, Young Hype, Hype, Young.Hype.Life

Artist – “Song Title”                                                 Record Label                            Year

Shellz – “New Money”                                                          Unsigned                                    2006
Tenn Stacks – “Living For The City”                             Hollatainment Records                2006
Malcolm Jamal-Warner – “Running On Empty”       Unsigned                                         2007
Tenn Stacks – “Howard Girls”                                        Hollatainment Records               2008
J.Y. – “Bring It Back”                                                        GL Ent./Grand Hustle                 2009
J.Y. feat. Young Chris & Freeway – “All Or Nothin'”  GL Ent./Grand Hustle                 2009
J.Y. – “Old School”                                                             GL Ent./Grand Hustle                 2009
J.Y. – “Last Shall Be First”                                               GL Ent./Grand Hustle                  2009
Tenn Stacks – “Poor Man’s Anthem”                             Hollatainment Records                2010

Artist – [Album Title]                                                 Record Label                           Year

D Bless – [The Rejuvenation Vol. II]                                    Unsigned                                  2010
Tenn Stacks – [The Jungle Book]                                     Hollatainment Records              2011
Elijah Bland – [Untitled]                                                        Unsigned                                   2011

Group/Band Name [Credit]                                  Show/Tour Name                      Year

Touch Of New York [Drummer]                      Live @ The Highline Ballroom (NY)          2008
Touch Of New York [Drummer]        Soul Summerfest @ Westchester County Center  2008
Elijah Bland & Soulcentric [Keys]                   The Michael Baisden Show @ SOB’s          2010
Elijah Bland & Soulcentric [Drummer]                DGMM @ Cavalier Regency                  2010
Elijah Bland & Soulcentric [Producer]                           Sol Village @ SOB’s                        2010

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